The list of States and territories,Domographics of the United States of America

(AUM) African united movement supports for Donald Trump during his Presidential Election campaigns of U.S.A in 2016 and fortunately enough he won the Election and also still (AUM) African united movement is still behind him and supports him as a right human being to bring to an end of using racism propaganda ideology machine because it is the weapon of massive destruction of White human beings and Black human beings on the North American territory. The abuse of African territory identity must be abolished in U.S.A by the mixed human race of Brown-Americans, so called African-Americans while the truth of the matter Brown-Americans of a mixed human race have nothing to do with the African territory identity because an African territory is not a territory of America, since Trump became a President of U.S.A terrorists are becoming more weaker and weaker on the universe who were killing innocent human beings in European territory, African territory and an Asian territory! and for those human beings who are against his policies and maybe they do not want to see peace and stability in U.S and around the world!.

Human Racism or human racist are bogus ideas

First of whole human racism is the creation of Almighty God the creator of natural human beings include Black human beings, White human beings and Brown human beings based on human colours of Black human colour, White human colour and Brown human colour and human beings must know it. Human beings must separate human racism and human criminalities because human racism is the human beings characteristics in terms of human races, but some human beings use human racism propaganda ideology machine for different purposes either in human politics or human sexuality whereby some human beings abuse human sexuality by creating artificial Brown human babies of mixed human race or by enganging themselves into the forbidden human sexuality of mixed human sexual relationships and therefore, the human racism or human racist have nothing to do with human beings criminalities of different human races.

Racism propaganda ideology machine causes these

If a black human being uses racism propaganda ideology machine or a Brown human being uses racism propaganda ideology machine he or she may look stupidity and foolish.

If a group of black human beings vandalising shopping malls or shoppping centres because of racism propaganda ideology machine.

A human racist noun was created in South Africa and U.S.A 100 years by Non-white human beings in order to label any human being especially a white human being who protects or a protector of his white human race. For example when a white human being makes a comment or a statement about the bad bahaviours of any black human being or the bad behaviours of black human beings and he or she can be quickly called a human racist.

If a white human being speaks out or tells the truth about Non-White human being and then he or she can be quickly called a human racist.

(AUM) African united movement suggests that, bogus racism propaganda ideology machine should be abolished to be used because the racism users they use the bogus racism propaganda ideology machine as their weapon of massive destruction of natural human beings through mixed human race and mixed human race sexual relationships in the wake of creating more Artificial human beings on the entire universe.

(AUM) African united movement keeps informing the users of racism propaganda ideology machine to stop foolishness of human racism because Almighty God the creator created natural human beings million years ago in three human layers of human skin colours include: a Black human skin colour, White human skin colour and a Brown human skin colour, human genes include: a Black human gene, a White human gene and a Brown human gene and human races include: a Black human race, a White human race and a Brown human race and therefore, for those who use racism propaganda ideology machine must stop to fool themselves with human racism! however, human racism has nothing to do with human beings' criminal activities of differences human races. Note: Artificial human beings are created also in three human layers include: human skin colour of an Artificial Brown human skin colour, mixed human gene and mixed human race of artificial Brown human beings.

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