African united movement


Uganda is the Black sovereign state of local Black communities on the African territory.

African united movement informs local black communities to protect the Ugandan territory but, if the local black communities do not protect the Ugandan territory against foreign black communities from Neighbouring Black states for instance Rwandese sovereign state, Congo Drc sovereign state, Burundian sovereign state and etc.

Local black communities in East and central African territory because there is the East-Africanism propaganda ideology machine which intends to destroy the Black sovereign states of local black communities for next 10 years and replace Black sovereign states with so called East African community but behind that move is to give Rwandese local black community the green right to stay and occupy on the East and central African territory include: Ugandan territory, Kenyan territory, Tanzanian territory and etc and therefore, African united movement advices local black communities especially in Uganda to protect your Ugandan territory by each and every local black community to protect its local territory against foreign black communities from Neigbouring Black sovereign states.

African united movement supports federal states governance in Uganda because it allows local black communities to develop their local territories other flocking into one territory of another local black community for instance like Buganda territory.

However, "A courageous human being fights bad ideas of Political human beings like Presidents and Political leaders", "A Great human being discusses productive ideas other than destructive ideas " and " A simple human being talks human beings".

Buganda map Kabaka of Buganda community

Amap of Buganda kingdom's community

Ssabajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi is King of Baganda of Buganda community. African united movement respects the Kabaka and appeals to Kabaka to establish the system of identifying Baganda human beings from Non-Baganda human beings in terms of (B.C.I.C) Buganda community identication card and also the department of education should try as much as possible to educate Baganda to speak proper Luganda not to speak Lugandagalo which may lead the destruction of Luganda.

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