My name is Kawere Mugwanya H. a Muganda, Born in Buganda, Kampala, Uganda, a pro-local black communism, a Brain child and a Founder of (AUM) African united movement, I was born On 10th-10-1971, I reside in South Africa , a graduate in Business studies with Ugandan Diploma in Business studies (UDBS), PC Technician (South Africa) and the Web site creator/web site Developer from IT College Campus South Africa, Western cape, Cape Town and with the UK English Certificate.

Here is my message to local Black communities in Africa, as a pro-local black communism, a Muganda born in Buganda community of Baganda, Uganda. "I inform all local Black communities in Ugnda and Africa that, We must stop to undermine ourselves and disrespect our Black human identity because when I see some of Black human beings especially Black women spend alot of money by buying anti-Black skin cosmetics in order to bleach off their Black skin Colour into artificial Brown skin colour of artificial Brown human beings.

With an effort to look like artificial Brown human beings of a mixed human race and therefore, for those type of human beings who make themselves to look like artificial Brown human beings must stop to fool with black colour of Black human beings in Africa.

It shows that, they hate a Black skin colour of local Black communities, as well as they hate a Black human race of local Black communities and also they hate themselves which shows that, they are so stupid to think that, to look like artificial Brown human beings of a mixed human race is more important than looking like local Black communities!.

Further more, local black communities hate foreign Black communities just because foreign black communities in South Africa have their own Black sovereign states.

Local Black communities in South Africa kill foreign Black communities in order to prevent them from immigrating into their South African territory because they know that, they have their own territories and there is no need for them to immigrate into South African territory.

"Local Black communities must stop immigrating into another Black sovereign state of local Black communities because it creates lazness.

And therefore, local Black communities in Africa must work hard in order to develop their own Black sovereign states other than immigrating into other Black severeign state of local Black communities as the way of preventing hatred of local Black communities against foreign Black communities in Africa as well as local black communities in Uganda protect your sovereign state of Uganda.

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