(AUM) African united movement

Incorporated on the 10th/Day of Sept/2015 and it was amended on the Febuary/30/2018.

Drawn by a founder Kawere Mugwanya H.

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Who are the stake holders of Africa?

Africa is a territory which was created by Almighty God the Creator for million years ago and also Africa is the Natural territory of Black human beings of local black communities in Africa.

It must be known that, in Africa there also other Non-Black human beings of Non-Black communities include:

(1) White communities of White human beings.

(2) An Artificial Brown community of artificial Brown human beings.

(3) Natural Brown communities of Brown human beings.

And therefore, the stake-holders of Africa are Black human beings of Local Black communities in Africa and it be must known to Non-Black human beings include:

Somalian community, an Ethiopian community, an Eritrean community, an Arab community, Chinese community, English white community, Dutch white community and artificial brown community etc.

However, when Almighty God the Creator had created all natural human beings and what Almighty God the Creator did, was to allocate natural human beings to their territories include: an African territory is for Black human beings of Local Black communities, European territory is for White human beings of Local white communities and Asian territory is for natural Brown human beings of Local natural Brown communities include: an Arab community, a Somalian community, an Ethiopian community, an Indian community, a Chinese community, an Eritean community and many more.

But those Non-Black human beings who live in Africa do not look like Black human beings, that is why all Local Black communities must know that, those Non-Black human beings, they are in Africa because they are immigrants who immigranted into Africa and strictly Non-Black human beings must not be given a right to use an African territory identity.

Further more, Local Black communities must know that, in Africa there are Non-Black states include: Egpty, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, North Sudan and Mauritania and Mauritius in order to be able to protect African territory against Non-Black human beings who always confuse Local Black communities because of all Non-Black human beings in Africa, they have one common goal is to hijack the African territory from Black human beings of Local Black communities in Africa!.

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